Lancashire’s Covid 19 Archive

In April 2020, Lancashire Archives launched a project to collect and share the experiences of Lancashire residents during the Covid 19 pandemic. We asked people to send us anything they wanted to share, and we had an incredible response. Poems, diaries, photographs, artwork, videos, sound recordings arrived, sent in by all ages from pre-schoolers to nonagenarians.

LC19A 02
Before Covid 19  ~  Lockdown Handprint  ~ Barnoldswick Town 02/04/2020

Archives are not just about the past, but are a reflection of the present and a resource for the future. When we look back at historical events we often wish we could speak to those involved, hear exactly how they felt, and understand what they were going through in their own words. The people of Lancashire have given a glimpse of how they responded to the challenges of 2020.

A Plague Diary
A Plague Diary by Sue of Cockerham

We would like as many people as possible to be a part of this unique collection through their words, their images, even sound recordings. Anything and everything is welcome, the choice is yours.

LC19A 01
21.5.20  ~  Sore Hands  ~  Smile

Your contribution will be kept safe for the future and made available for other people to read, look at, listen to and watch.  Your name and age will be included unless you have asked for it to be left out. Some submissions may appear on Lancashire County Council social media. If you prefer to restrict public access to your contribution for a while, please let us know. If you have any questions do get in touch. Between us all we can build a valuable and meaningful collection that reflects the creativity and resilience of Lancashire in lockdown and beyond.

Too Much To Think
Too Much To Think from Lock Up Your Doubters by Raymond

There is more information on our website at Lancashire Archives and the Covid 19 pandemic archive collection

You can send digital contributions to or hard copy to Lancashire Archives, Bow Lane, Preston, PR1 2RE.

Please include your name, age and where you live (not a full address, an area will be fine).

An Empty M6
An Empty M6 by Sean of Coppull

See a selection of images from Lancashire’s Covid 19 Archive on Red Rose Collections

Follow us on Twitter: Libraries @LancsLibraries also check out Lancashire Archives @LancsArchives and Museums @LancsMuseums

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