Miraculous Escapes

The signature image of our photo collection in Red Rose Collections is of a bizarre rail accident that happened in Accrington on September 26th 1899


The Burnley Express told the whole story the following day:

“Singular Railway Accident at Accrington

Miraculous Escapes

An extraordinary railway accident occurred at the Lonsdale Street railway Bridge, Accrington shortly after Monday midnight.

A goods train from Yorkshire to Hellifield which had been drawn up in the siding at Accrington, received the signal to proceed.

But the points not having been turned, the engine ran into a set of buffers immediately adjoining the bridge and the new span being constructed.

The stoker jumped from the footplate when he realised what must happen, but the driver stuck to his engine and, marvellous to relate, escaped uninjured.

Both driver and stoker are Wakefield men.

The buffers of the engine buried themselves in the pavement, but the tenders remained intact, nor were the waggons smashed.”


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